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Los Alamitos, CA

Here, your dance lesson will take place in the spacious, hard wood floored front room of my home.

Canyon Lake, CA

Here, your dance lesson will take place in my personal dance studio where I currently reside. This room features a traditionally hand-crafted raised cedar stage 所作台, as well as a wall of mirrors.  

*These are not the only locations I am able to operate out of. If you'd like to discuss more about location options, please contact me!*


Mission Statement


Through the practice of traditional Japanese dancing, my mission is to provide an environment where cultural exchanges can thrive. It brings me joy being able to share my culture with others. No prior dance experience is necessary, just an open mind and heart. I hope to be able to share some of the beauty of Japan with you.




Over the Years...

Here's a look into my dance career over the years!

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